Brokenness, by Kim Childress 

What do you do when your world implodes?

I try to read my Bible, but some days I just cant.

I pray, continuously, except sometimes I just cant.

I listen to music; that always helps.

I DO remain in faith AND trust, that:

God know the needs of my heart before I do.

The Holy Spirit cries out on my behalf when I know not what to pray.

I let the waves of emotion engulf me, overcome me, I do not push the emotions away—not anymore.

Whatever brokenness I experience, I still have this place in my gut, my core, and there exists the presence of Jesus in my life, offering a ”peace that transcends all understanding.”

Pain, grief, they come and go.
I move forward, one step by one step.

I look up. I look for beauty around me everyday. Nature.

I just keep going, and in my darkest pit and passing through the shadows, in my heart, I know that I am never alone.

Brokenness, by Kim Childress

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