Kim Childress

Bio: Award-winning editor, author, speaker, and reviewer, Kim Childress' publications include Find Your Future in Art, Childress Ink, Book Reviews, Girls’ Life, “Must-Read” column, plus 100s of books, articles and short stories for children and adults. Founder of Childress Ink, which started as a book review site to share books that couldn’t fit in my Girls’ Life column; then a freelance editing service and author site, and now an employee-owned product development company. Since its founding in 2014, Childress Ink has helped produce over 40 title--and counting!  The addition of an affiliate bookstore, Ink-a-Dink.com, helps further the mission of sharing books and community give-back, local and world-wide. A member of the American Booksellers Association and official Indie bookstore, Ink-a-Dink partners with publishers to provide free resources, reduced prices, and bulk ordering, in order to help parents, schools, libraries, museums, and those experiencing funding cuts. Plus, a portion of all book sales benefits Herizon Music Foundation, uplifting the next generation of women in music. All opinions are my own.

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