Update on the leprechaun hunt:

Leprechaun hunt! #FunWithKids

Words Chosen Wisely...

Tristan and Gabriel built an elaborate leprechaun trap in hopes of capturing the elusive and very clever leprechaun. After hours and hours of tireless work constructing a miniature leprechaun house the boys waited, and waited, and waited….

After finally giving up hope of striking it rich and capturing the clever leprechaun a miracle happened!

That sneaky little leprechaun snuck in the house, took a nap on the cotton bed, and left a sweet treat of fools gold for the boys 🙂

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Product Development Company in Children’s Publishing Childress Ink LLC Receives Media Attention, BBB Accreditation, & Adds Award-Winning Journalist to Team

Author, award-winning editor, longtime Girls’ Life reviewer, and children’s book product developer Kim Childress proudly announces Childress Ink LLC products’ recognition in the media, Better Business Bureau accreditation, and expansion of the Childress Ink product development team.


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Learning at Home:

Fun at home learning with young kids!

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Today we had so much fun learning all about plants. We found an amazing website that let the boys watch a video and read a book about different plants.

We then went around the entire house and looked for plants. We delved a little bit deeper and learned about plants that produce food that we eat. The boys had fun finding these different kinds of plants and the fruits and vegetables they produce.

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Multicultural Children’s Book Day 2020

My Furry Foster Family series, by Debbi Michiko Florence, illustrated by Melanie Demmer, #ReadYourWorld full review on Goodreads and ChildressInk.com. #PictureWindowBooks #Capstone #EarlyReaders #STEM #AnimalFosterCare #BookLove #pets #AnimalFosterCare #Veterinarian #Diversity #Volunteering #Friendship #Family #DogStories #CatStories #Hamsters #BeardedDragons review on Goodreads and ChildressInk.com, My Furry Foster Family series, by Debbi Michiko Florence, illustrated by Melanie Demmer, at ChildressInk.com #PictureWindowBooks #Capstone #EarlyReaders #STEM #AnimalFosterCare #BookLove #pets #AnimalFosterCare #Veterinarian #Diversity #Volunteering #Friendship #Family #DogStories #CatStories #Hamsters #BeardedDragons

Truman the Dog, book one in My Furry Foster Family Series

Making Memories This July 4th:

Words Chosen Wisely...

Remember to not only make learning relevant, and  meaningful, but also memorable!  I absolutely love taking out my teaching materials and making holiday memories while we learn!  This 4th of July celebrate our “Independence” by sharing with your little ones some history.  Learning can be fun and something we do each day!

Here are some of our 4th of July activities:

  1. Using our hands to paint the “Old Glory.”
  2. Listening to patriotic music.
  3. Reading about the history of our nation and our flag.
  4. Attending a community firework display.

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Proverbs 6:12-19

One Writer’s Musings on Reading the Bible

Some time ago, I read of a woman who read through the Bible for each of her children, praying over each and writing notes as she read (Today’s Christian Woman). I loved that idea and took on that challenge.

What has happened as I have read?