I am a Bookstore Tour Guide.

Thanks Josh!

On tour at Baker Book House, led by Josh Moser.

This is truly a wealth of information from savvy bookseller/recreation expert, Josh Mosey. In addition to the fun of exploring the retail side of publishing, I was also inspired when I learned about the history of the bookstore and publishing house.

For aspiring writers and lovers of books and indie bookstores, this article is a wonderful resource.

I am a Bookstore Tour Guide..

ChildressInk.com Winter 2015 Reviews

One of the reasons I launched ChildressInk.com was to share books that couldn’t fit in Girls’ Life. Space is so limited, and there are simply too many great books–which is why I don’t write negative reviews. Anything you see listed on my sites are some of what I consider the best in new releases, or all-around great books. 

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