Winter 2015 Reviews

One of the reasons I launched was to share books that couldn’t fit in Girls’ Life. Space is so limited, and there are simply too many great books–which is why I don’t write negative reviews. Anything you see listed on my sites are some of what I consider the best in new releases, or all-around great books. 

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Juliette Turner, young-entrepreneur extraordinaire, thank you for being a light in my life.

It was hard, but a GREAT experience!

Juliette and I put in many late nights to get this done in time.


Perhaps one of the greatest blessings in the editing profession is you really get to know someone. Editing a person’s work is editing a part of that writer. When a writer shares a story, he or she is putting out a part of themselves for the world to see, and that’s scary.

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Pondering Murphy’s Law … Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Dear friends, family, followers, prayer partners, and everyone who wants a good laugh…I give you an update.

Some of you know about this, but I haven’t shared too much about it because:

1. I’m embarrassed.

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The Handy-woman Chronicles

The Handy-woman Chronicles

For every woman with her own toolbox, this is for you.

I enjoy doing things around the house. Over the years my handy skills have expanded from basic painting, to caulking (which took me four years to perfect), to plumbing, installing chandeliers, tile floors, thresholds, cleaning gutters, and after my latest—hanging doors.

Tip 1: Know the location of your fuse box and water main. This will help many of your handy-woman projects. Also makes you look knowledgeable when the handyman comes.

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Broken bones and follow ups



Follow up on bones and more

While in the waiting room for the second MRI on my shoulder, I learn there is more to this particular procedure. This time includes an arthrogram before the 45 minute MRI, where they shoot dye into the joint. 

I get two novocaine shots. They inject the dye directly into my shoulder joint, and I am immediately flooded with such unbelievable burning pain I cry out “holy —-!” I immediately start crying because IT HURT!

The nurse says sorry, sorry, I didn’t give you enough, more is coming, it will feel better in just a moment.

I’m trying to keep cool, I say, “So now I understand why you need novocaine for this.”

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