Health Care and the Next Seven Days

Whatever your opinion on President Obama and President-elect Donald Trump, I look to the constitutionality of the Affordable Health Care Act.

In review, the Affordable Health Care Act passed through every branch of government. It was first voted upon by the people, then passed by both houses of Congress, then signed by the president. Later, the Act was upheld in the United States Supreme Court, not once but twice. To repeal the Affordable Health Care Act would waste time and taxpayer money; would be a long, dreadful process filled with golden opportunities for gridlock in Congress, and ultimately, repealing the Affordable Health Care Act would be a step backward instead of progress forward as the nation begins a new presidency in a wave of unknowns.

What is real and known is this: The Affordable Health Care Act has been approved and passed through every branch of government, was voted on and approved by the people, Congress, and the executive branch. And in two previous repeal attempts, the Act was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Lest we forget the goal, the Affordable Health Care Act has led to reduced health-care costs and has been projected to save $2.6 trillion over five years, according to Fortune magazine and a recent study by the Urban Institute and Robert Wood Johnson foundation.

This journalist suggests Congress and the presidential and legislative branches work together to compromise and improve parts of the existing policies that are working, while brainstorming solutions to problems, rather than repeal the Act and start from scratch. 

Citizens, I call on you to spread the word and be involved! We need to use our voices in the days ahead. Congress, I call on you to work together, first among yourselves, then with the incoming executive branch, so perhaps this can be the first of many opportunities to look at broken policies with fresh eyes, and work in partnership rather than partisanship.

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Kim Childress has a passion for patriotism and for sharing the amazing story of the United States. Kim is also editor and contributor to Our Constitution Rocks! by Juliette Turner. Learn more at

It was hard, but a GREAT experience!


Faith and Football

Jesus spotted at Qdoba

This is a cool story I felt inspired to share.

A God Moment, another example of witnessing God at Work. Thank you to Grand Rapids Christian Schools, for teaching our children to be a light for Jesus. And kudos to this mom, who took the time to write this letter. I believe letter writing is a very effective tool, and we need to write about the good and the bad.

I don’t know about you, but I often think of random acts of kindness done by people, and I think to myself, I need to send them a note, but then time, life, and whatever excuses keep me from writing the note, until too much time has passed.

But remember, no matter how long its been, or how simple it seems, or how insignificant–you could be a light in a person’s day.

When you read the letter below, you will see the Holy Spirit at work.

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Juliette Turner, young-entrepreneur extraordinaire, thank you for being a light in my life.

It was hard, but a GREAT experience!

Juliette and I put in many late nights to get this done in time.


Perhaps one of the greatest blessings in the editing profession is you really get to know someone. Editing a person’s work is editing a part of that writer. When a writer shares a story, he or she is putting out a part of themselves for the world to see, and that’s scary.

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Pondering Murphy’s Law … Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Dear friends, family, followers, prayer partners, and everyone who wants a good laugh…I give you an update.

Some of you know about this, but I haven’t shared too much about it because:

1. I’m embarrassed.

2. I’m an idiot.  Continue reading

Today’s wisdom from Dr. Alice, “Practical Suggestions for Teaching Moments”

Breathe, Pray, Give: Dr. Alice’s Guide to the Universe

Okay, that’s my title for the bits of wisdom I have learned over the past ten years from my friend and counselor, Dr. Alice. She has guided and mentored me and many others in so many ways, that they can never be counted. She has helped me through many of the Murphy’s Law Moments in my life, as well as the normal chaos that comes with life, work, marriage, parenting four children, and all the unexpected (such as falling off a longboard–see previous post).

To me, she is one of the wisest, godliest, kindest women I have ever met, and I thank God for bringing her into my life. May her wisdom be spread. But as she would say, “It’s all from God.”

Today’s wisdom from Dr. Alice:

“Practical Suggestions for Teaching Moments”

Each of these ideas can enhance the life of you and your teen.

1. Keep your promises: Let your word be your honor! Keeping a promise that you made is one of the ways you demonstrate integrity and the value you place on your relationship with your teen.

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The Handy-woman Chronicles

The Handy-woman Chronicles

For every woman with her own toolbox, this is for you.

I enjoy doing things around the house. Over the years my handy skills have expanded from basic painting, to caulking (which took me four years to perfect), to plumbing, installing chandeliers, tile floors, thresholds, cleaning gutters, and after my latest—hanging doors.

Tip 1: Know the location of your fuse box and water main. This will help many of your handy-woman projects. Also makes you look knowledgeable when the handyman comes.

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“Why your ten-year-old should have a crested gecko,” PowerPoint by Laurel

Do_you_like_animals (1)

My 10-year-old daughter made this PowerPoint presentation in less than 30 minutes. “Reasons your 10-year-old should have a crested gecko.” I’m tempted top give in, simply because of the creativity that went into this.  Continue reading