The Cultivation & Care of Climbing Roses OR My Second Son Spreads his Roots


The Care and Cultivation of Climbing Roses


My Second Son Spreads His Roots


Kim Childress


Though I have the proverbial “green thumb,” a love for all things gardening, I’ve never been good at growing roses.

Rose growers know this flower is temperamental and highly reactive to its environment. Everything has to be just so—the soil acidity, the need for watering at specific times, the constant threat of a multitude of diseases, and the susceptibility of attack from all kinds of insects specific to roses, Over the years, every rose plant I planted, I’m sad to say, died.

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Health Care and the Next Seven Days

Whatever your opinion on President Obama and President-elect Donald Trump, I look to the constitutionality of the Affordable Health Care Act.

In review, the Affordable Health Care Act passed through every branch of government. It was first voted upon by the people, then passed by both houses of Congress, then signed by the president. Later, the Act was upheld in the United States Supreme Court, not once but twice. To repeal the Affordable Health Care Act would waste time and taxpayer money; would be a long, dreadful process filled with golden opportunities for gridlock in Congress, and ultimately, repealing the Affordable Health Care Act would be a step backward instead of progress forward as the nation begins a new presidency in a wave of unknowns.

What is real and known is this: The Affordable Health Care Act has been approved and passed through every branch of government, was voted on and approved by the people, Congress, and the executive branch. And in two previous repeal attempts, the Act was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Lest we forget the goal, the Affordable Health Care Act has led to reduced health-care costs and has been projected to save $2.6 trillion over five years, according to Fortune magazine and a recent study by the Urban Institute and Robert Wood Johnson foundation.

This journalist suggests Congress and the presidential and legislative branches work together to compromise and improve parts of the existing policies that are working, while brainstorming solutions to problems, rather than repeal the Act and start from scratch. 

Citizens, I call on you to spread the word and be involved! We need to use our voices in the days ahead. Congress, I call on you to work together, first among yourselves, then with the incoming executive branch, so perhaps this can be the first of many opportunities to look at broken policies with fresh eyes, and work in partnership rather than partisanship.

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Kim Childress has a passion for patriotism and for sharing the amazing story of the United States. Kim is also editor and contributor to Our Constitution Rocks! by Juliette Turner. Learn more at

It was hard, but a GREAT experience!


Responsibility in Children’s Publishing

Responsibility in Children’s Publishing and Media

After thirty years in the media, I’ve noticed those in children’s publishing recognize a higher level of responsibility in their work, not shared among writers of adult books. Writers of children’s books understand our products influence the lives of children. I am a member of the media industry, and I believe strongly in the First Amendment! However, I hold those in children’s media to a higher standard.


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Code of Silence, by Tim Shoemaker

Had I known this review was out there, I would have shared much sooner! I edited this book with Tim Shoemaker. It was the book that got me hired at Zondervan. Tim and Code of Silence were originally acquired by Kathleen Kerr, then read by YA editor Jacque Alberta. When I called to talk to Tim about the edits, I first told him, “You’ve had the benefit of three authors working on this!” Then I said, “Do you have time? You might want to sit down…”

The result? Code of Silence was named one of the Top Ten Mysteries for Youth its pub year. Code of Silence and the next two books in the series all received starred Booklist reviews.

Don’t take my word for it. You can look at the other reviews. And the books speaks for themselves. Look for more on the creation of this story in upcoming Slush Pile stories on

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Tim Shoemaker

Books by Tim Shoemaker

Books Everyone Should Read

Books Everyone Should Read

I am a Bookstore Tour Guide.

Thanks Josh!

On tour at Baker Book House, led by Josh Moser.

This is truly a wealth of information from savvy bookseller/recreation expert, Josh Mosey. In addition to the fun of exploring the retail side of publishing, I was also inspired when I learned about the history of the bookstore and publishing house.

For aspiring writers and lovers of books and indie bookstores, this article is a wonderful resource.

I am a Bookstore Tour Guide..