The Writing Life: Simply Put

There’s nothing quite like coming off of a writer’s conference

The feeling of renewal, encouragement, refreshment. Reminders of why we writers write–combined with physical exhaustion and complete mental brain-drain from processing all the information and ideas.

I would like to thank Maranatha Christian Writers Conference for featuring me as a last-minute, full-in speaker, and I hope those I met with and spoke to received at least some encouragement, as I was encouraged. And always learning new things. 

It was an honor and privilege, special thanks to Eddie Jones for not physically taking the microphone away from me. And to Sherry Hoppen, for trusting Eddie and taking a chance on me. I had a blast! To all the coordinators and staff and volunteers, a huge shout of appreciation! Thank you! And to Maranatha College and Bible Institute, I am deeply grateful for such accommodations.

Highly recommend this conference, the grounds, the professional speakers, the chance encounters with other writers who remind you of why you continue doing what you’re doing.

As a writer, I have been helped along the way, and I have long held a passion for helping other writers as I have been helped. I may have enough personal projects to fill a publishers pipeline for a year-if I only got them submitted-though in all I take great joy in knowing I have helped other writers along the way. We work in blood sweat and tears.

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From left: Mary Morgan, Kim Childress, Crystal Bowman, Bob Hostetler, Sherry Hoppen, Eddie Jones, Maranatha Christian Writer’s Conference, Muskegon, Michigan, September 25, 2021. Not pictured (taking the photo) is author Laura Loveberry.