The Importance of Play:

This is an excellent article on playtime! It’s so important for our health, especially for children’s writers, to find your inner child!

Words Chosen Wisely...

It is common knowledge that children enjoy playing.  As a former first grade teacher I had a special center set-up for play, it was called “house.”  In the “house” center students had an assortment of real world items in which they simulated the world around them.  They had a kitchen center, numerous stuffed animals, and even costumes for various adult jobs (fire fighter hat, police hat, etc.).  My students would often create a whole community with rules and regulations.  One of their favorite games was to play “teacher.”  When my students played “teacher” they would mimic my teaching.  They would even teach each other using little books and white boards.

Children’s play has long been researched and is a way for children to grow both cognitively and socially.  There are many different types of play that children participate in including video games.  Children learn a lot from what they play…

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