Teaching and Learning:

An excellent article for teachers and educators, and anyone who has children in their lives, by author and educator, Brooke Layton #BrookeLayton #TeachingLife #ParentingLife #Principals #Principles #WritingLife #EducatorsLife #Teachers #ValueOfTeachers #Education #KimChildress #ChildressInk

Words Chosen Wisely...

        I believe that by giving teachers the tools to provide differentiated, individualized instruction to students of all ages instructors can meet the preferred learning styles of each of our students.  Brophy (1987) defines the motivation to learn as “a student’s tendency to find academic activities meaningful and worthwhile and try to derive the intended academic benefits from them” (p.40). This can be done as we differentiate instruction and implement activities that tap into each of our students’ learning styles.      By creating classrooms that not only allow for, but encourage individual control we will be effective in sustaining a mastery of content learned. I believe that as we create and strengthen our bridges by developing learning communities we will begin to create student-centered classrooms that will be effective in helping students succeed.


Brophy, J. (1987). Synthesis of Research on Strategies for Motivating Students to…

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