Why Writers Write

I’m not going to lie. It’s painful …

When I talk about the writing profession, I share with my students, “Be prepared to have a day job.”

You work night and day, and since a writer’s mind never really shuts off, it’s like a never-ending stream of story ideas until I can finally fall asleep.

However, as a writer, editor, and reviewer of books for children, I love what I do. I absolutely love my job.

One of the most-fulfilling aspects of my work is when I interact with my audience. But even more, are the times when I discover something I worked on has received a good review, or better yet, an award. As I just discovered one of the titles I worked on has received a Christian Retailing Award for 2017–101 Things Every Girl Should Know: Expert Advice on Stuff Big and Small, by the editors of FaithGirlz and Girls’ Life magazine.


And to get outside confirmation, especially when it’s been nothing but crickets for awhile, just helps keep writers like me going. It’s humbling, amazing, encouraging, inspiring, and I pray I am worthy to the tasks and projects God puts before me, whether my own or those of a client.

In this I know, the combined, God-driven talents of the editors of Girls’ Life and FaithGirlz! have resulted in the creation of the “A Girl’s Life” series of books, published by Zondervan. I know these books are affecting the lives of girls for the kingdom of Christ.

But all writers understand the months of blood and effort with no word from publishers or money coming in, the times writer’s question again and again, Why am I putting myself through this? I just want to go sell flowers at the local farmer’s market …

So it’s nice for me (and all as writers) to learn something I worked on is influencing the lives of children, in what I hope to be to the best of my God-given abilities. And also, for me, another, small, subtle, God-Moment-reminder, letting me know, “I’m with you, girl. I got your back. Keep running the race … ”


Persevere, stay the race, pray, and know it’s okay to cry. But for those with a passion for writing, these are the moments that remind us why we do what we do.

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