If You Want to be Prezadent

I came across this poem today. The irony is it was written in 2010.

If You Want to be Prezadent



Richard Jarboe

Ther’s more stupid people, than ther are smart people,
So if you want to be Prezadent, tell the stupid people
Some kind of stupid pap that you will do, and maybe they’ll go and vote for you,
And you can rally all the stupid people, and you can tally up their vote,
You can tell them the sky is falling, or sum other pap equally remote,
And while you’re running for Prezadent, quote some Prezadents from the past,
Those lying, shuck and jive shape shifters, whose promises didn’t last,
Just rehash thoze promises made back then, and the stupid people will vote for YOU again,

Whatever you say in November, don’t worry, they won’t remember,
Because they admire any genius with an economic package,
That says take money from smart people and give it to the stupid people,
Who deserve it, because ther stupid, don’t read, don’t write, don’t care,
But nonetheless, were shortchanged of ther share,
I’m not talking about the poor; they ned our help and that’s for sure,
I’m talking about those, who will NEVER learn, no matter how many people burn,
But, of course, they’ll NEVER know, because they’re stupid.

#Poetry #PrayForOurCountry #WhatDoYouStandFor #GetSmart #UseYourVoice #Peace #Love

C 2010, Richard Jarboe, What it Takes,  Published by Sampark; 1 edition, December 22, 2011, Reprinted with permission

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