Adventures in Finding Your Future

I’ve had SO MUCH fun visiting libraries, events, and conferences past summer, and I got to talk with lots of kids who love art and writing. (I’ll be posting photos soon, I promise! 🙂
I would like to encourage each and every one of you! Have fun with your craft, whatever it may be, and as you pursue your interests, you will find your dream.

Opportunities are behind every door, but they need to be discovered. Go out there and explore! Be proactive. Changing and evolving technologies continue to affect every single industry, especially as every business today needs a web presence.
Evolving technology is what the Find Your Future series is all about, with information and ways to explore more online–using kid-friendly sites and suggestions. Editing the first 19 books in the series was a blast! And as a result, I got to write Find Your Future in Art–in a week! (There’s a story there, see my Slush Pile at But I did it, and it was a blast! I was able to use previous interviews and experiences for much of the book, like Larry the Cucumber from VeggiTales and Jim Dale, narrator of the Harry Potter audio books. The architecture chapter came from a field to 2/90 Signs in Grand Rapids with my Winterim 2014 class.
I believe EVERYONE has an inner artist, be it photography, doodling, DIY stuff, doing puzzles or building LEGOs. Find and explore your inner artist, do not squelch the creative process! (Seriously, it’s a fact, many art habits and hobbies relieve stress and have LOTS of health benefits.)
And to every kid out there who have a dream (adults also; ), have fun with your art, don’t compare yourself to others, learn more about your craft, and you never know where it could lead!
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