In regards to David N. Bossie’s Opinion Piece

President Trump is a Change Agent, Fox News Opinion,, July 1, 2017 

In regards to David N. Bossie’s opinion piece, I, also, had hoped if nothing else, President Trump could act as an instrument of change and shake up the established political wheels, the deadlocks between parties, while disregarding all things PACs and lobbyists thanks to his Tycoon status. However, President Trump has NOT been able to break the bureaucracies that have influenced our system of government far too long. Unfortunately, regardless of health care, immigration, tax cuts, and any legislation currently being proposed, according to the Constitution, President Trump should not be able to hold the office of the presidency based on the Emoluments Clause alone. The government cannot be treated as a business. It simply doesn’t work that way. And President Trump cannot help but profit from his presidential position. Especially when he tweets about tacos at his restaurant. (“Happy #CincoDeMay! The best taco bowls are made in Trump Tower Grill. I love Hispanics!” Donald

Trump,, May 2, 2016, 2:57 PM; accessed 7.1.2017)

No matter the other controversies currently surrounding President Trump’s performance, after hoping for the same shakeup you suggest in your opinion piece, unfortunately, this shakeup has not occurred, and President Trump in fact has shown himself to be dictated by business motives he guises as “ways to make America great again.” President Trump is profiting from his presidency. He has not done the things he promised regarding his businesses. How can any foreign policy not be affected in some way when foreign dignitaries are receiving presidential-treatment at choose-your-favorite-Trump resort. And it would be logical to deduce that some foreign policies may be boosted one way or another with the idea of profiting from Trump properties abroad. One idea I suggest, how about if all profits made during his presidency go straight towards reducing the deficit? That, perhaps, could make for a great president.

Yet, backing out of the Paris Treaty (climate change or not) makes the United States appear unreliable, undependable, and unpredictable. What foreign government will want to make agreements with the U.S. when any agreements may be null and void when the next president takes office?

Finally, President Trump undermines himself, his office, his colleagues, his credibility, and that of the United States, with every tweet he makes. In this writer’s opinion, President Trump simply does not have the moral character to be in his position. As a former reporter, editor, and now small business owner and product manager, the undermining of colleagues through social media would result in immediate dismissal of any of my employees.

So, has President Trump shaken up the system? Yes. And in this writer’s opinion, especially in the eyes of foreign governments, he has reduced the integrity and leadership role of the United States. As far as at home, President Trump himself has said he can do anything and his supporters will still rally around him.

I had hoped for change, instead we have taken steps backwards. It’s time for people to become educated on what is real or fake news for themselves. ANYTHING read on the internet should be regarded with “healthy skepticism” and a “prove it” attitude. People need to decide what they stand for and then let their voices be heard! Write your representatives. Government officials need to come together and speak the truth to one another, in honesty, and with serious tough love. “Come, let us reason together.” Wake up America! You want to be great again? Get informed. Go to the library. Seek the truth for yourself, and take a stand–even if it may cost you your job.

Kim Childress: Contributor and editor to Our Constitution Rocks!, by Juliette Turner, award-winning editor and author of more than 400 books and stories for children and the parents in their lives. Former middle-grade editor at HarperCollins Christian Publishing (Zondervan), mother of four, registered Independent voter, strong advocate of all things constitutional, book editor at Girls’ Life Magazine, and blogger at


It was hard, but a GREAT experience!

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