Sharing Space with Author Hadley Dyer

Project: GirlSpire

By Kim Childress

At the park pavilion, a group of ’tweens play barefoot soccer. Near the volleyball court, some high-school guys chill in the sun before tossing a Frisbee. On the playground, kids and their teenage babysitters play don’t-touch-the-ground tag. An older couple sits on a bench near the lake, while a photographer sets up his tripod. Where would we be without our parks and other public spaces?

Space 1

They’ve been around the world for centuries—gathering places, those hangin’ out spots where you meet your pals, play sports or ride your bike. Ever think about it? Author Hadley Dyer does—a lot, which is what inspired her unique book on this important subject.

“I’ve always been interested in public space issues. They touch on environmental issues, social justice, so many things. I don’t know if kids realize how lucky they are to have good sidewalks, green spaces to go to, and public…

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