Caring for God’s Critters

I was honored to be one of the editors who works on Nature Girl, by Karen, and she is a remarkable writer, marketer, mother, and all-around great person! Check out this book for great activities and ways for girls (and guys in their lives) to care for their environment.

Project: GirlSpire

By Karen Whiting

God's Critter 1

Got a pet you love? Maybe it’s a fluffy fur-ball of a feline or a squiggly-wiggly goldfish. It’s fun to play fetch with a dog, watch a guinea pig run through a maze, or see how other critters move, eat, and play. But the animals you keep as household pets are only a few of the amazing creatures God made. He also created small fluttery butterflies, huge humpback whales, chatty climbing monkeys, and thousands of other critters that fascinate us…and need our care and respect.

Those who do what is right take good care of their animals. Proverbs 12:10

Do what you can to help God’s creatures and ecosystems. Whether or not you own a pet, here are some things you can do for our furry and feathered friends:

God's Critter 2

Photo credit: Hold 10 038 by fo.ol – Flickr

  • Leave water outside in a shallow dish for thirsty…

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