I am a Bookstore Tour Guide.

This was our tour! Thank you again Josh! You were a wealth of information, and I love Baker Book House even more than before!

Josh Mosey | Writer


I recently had the opportunity to lead a group of intrepid high school students on an educational tour of Baker Book House, the indie Christian bookstore that I’ve called home for the last decade or so. I had that opportunity because the store was approached by a teacher of one of Grand Rapids Christian High School’s Winterim courses on the publishing industry. The teacher, Kim Childress, is not a full-time teacher as such, but a person who has experience in the publishing industry who was simply teaching a two-week course.

In the the initial email that Kim sent to the store, she asked if we could take the kids around and tell them a bit about the retail side of the publishing industry. Specifically:

  • How do we get books from publishers?
  • What are the differences between ABA bookstores and CBA bookstores?
  • What are the differences between indie bookstores…

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