Winter 2015 Reviews

One of the reasons I launched was to share books that couldn’t fit in Girls’ Life. Space is so limited, and there are simply too many great books–which is why I don’t write negative reviews. Anything you see listed on my sites are some of what I consider the best in new releases, or all-around great books. 

As I’ve streamlined my reviewing process, I find I still have so many great books I want to share, so I have figured out a new method. I have created some new slideshows and categories on

  1. Girls’ Life finalists: books from each issue that made it to the final cut.
  2. Books I want to read but know I’ll never have time.
  3. Books my kids selected out of my multitude of piles. (With four kids, I have my own focus group.)
  4. And finally, longer reviews on select titles, including genre, age group, and core curriculum standards when applicable.

I just updated my site with holiday book ideas and Girls’ Life finalists. Coming soon: Books I want to Read and What the Kids Chose.

This holiday season (and every day of every season), sit down and read a book, on your own or with your children. I’ve selected some to get you started.

God bless!

Kim Childress

Welcome to my newest feature–GL Finalists–the books I narrowed down for each issue, the best of the best. Enjoy! Reviews, Winter 2015 Children’s Books

One thought on “ Winter 2015 Reviews

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