Jesus spotted at Qdoba

This is a cool story I felt inspired to share.

A God Moment, another example of witnessing God at Work. Thank you to Grand Rapids Christian Schools, for teaching our children to be a light for Jesus. And kudos to this mom, who took the time to write this letter. I believe letter writing is a very effective tool, and we need to write about the good and the bad.

I don’t know about you, but I often think of random acts of kindness done by people, and I think to myself, I need to send them a note, but then time, life, and whatever excuses keep me from writing the note, until too much time has passed.

But remember, no matter how long its been, or how simple it seems, or how insignificant–you could be a light in a person’s day.

When you read the letter below, you will see the Holy Spirit at work.

Mr. DeJonge,

I’m emailing because I want to commend your students for what I saw last night. My son is a football player at [a local school]. We played your eighth grade team last night and won by quite a bit. After the game we went to Qdoba for dinner and there were six of your team players. Immediately they recognized who my family was and what team we were from. What happened shortly afterward was nothing short of amazing.

When we walked in, your boys were joking around and smiling and in a good mood (very much the opposite of what I thought I would see). They joked openly about how bad their team was [and said that our team] was amazing. They continued to get their meal and sit down in prayer. My son let them know they had a good game and we sat down to eat our meal as well.

Immediately my son asked me why they weren’t upset or in a bad mood. I was so happy to say that it’s because he was seeing the Christ in them.

You’re doing a great job leading those boys in their walk with Christ. I will be praying for your school as you continue to be a light on a hill! Likewise I ask you to pray for our boys’ hearts [so they will] see that football is simply a tool to learn the life lessons we need to learn. But more importantly, pray that they fall in love with Jesus Christ and choose Him as their Lord and Savior.


Game Changer, Faith, Football, and Finding my Way, by Kirk Cousins.

Game Changer, Faith, Football, and Finding my Way, by Kirk Cousins.

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