Juliette Turner, young-entrepreneur extraordinaire, thank you for being a light in my life.

It was hard, but a GREAT experience!

Juliette and I put in many late nights to get this done in time.


Perhaps one of the greatest blessings in the editing profession is you really get to know someone. Editing a person’s work is editing a part of that writer. When a writer shares a story, he or she is putting out a part of themselves for the world to see, and that’s scary.

Since I’m an editor who’s also a writer, I am extremely sensitive to this. And in this editing process, you really come to know a person deeply and intimately. Juliette Turner is one such person to me. I was blessed to have worked with her on a phenomenal book, Our Constitution Rocks! How I came to be her editor on this is one of those “God Moments” I’ve mentioned before. (You can read more about this in Slush Pile Stories at http://www.childressink.com.) I told Juliette I was the perfect editor for her because I have always had a passion for our Founding Fathers and what they accomplished for our country. I was the editor for Our Constitution Rocks! and one of the editors on Our Presidents Rock!, and I cannot say enough good things about these books and their author, Juliette Turner.

Juliette may be a teenager, but her knowledge (and writing style) is way beyond her years (I often had to tell her to “dumb it down” a bit). Whether the Constitution or our nation’s presidents, Juliette Turner is helping a new generation acquire a sense of patriotism that is so important, and that has become somewhat lost or diffused.

Juliette Turner and I working on the design of Our Constitution Rocks!

Juliette Turner and I working on the design of Our Constitution Rocks!

Beyond all the educational stuff, this book has fun graphics that pull the readers in. Open any page, and you can start reading. Besides the major accomplishments about each president, Juliette includes fun facts like their thoughts on the Constitution, strange personality quirks, and tidbits you won’t find in other books about the presidents–like their parting words and what the deficit was after each president left office. Sections include The Bottom Line (a paragraph summary of the presidents’ highlights), What has he done for me lately, plus The Presidential Times, a “newspaper” from the time period that details other important events of the era, like the building of the white house.

Because of the success of Our Constitution Rocks!, Juliette was asked to do a book on the presidents, and she has delivered once again. Written by a teen for teens (although I guarantee adults will learn something, too), Juliette’s books are able to reach a new generation of Americans and pass on a love of country that helped make the U.S. what it is today.

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