Pondering Murphy’s Law … Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Dear friends, family, followers, prayer partners, and everyone who wants a good laugh…I give you an update.

Some of you know about this, but I haven’t shared too much about it because:

1. I’m embarrassed.

2. I’m an idiot. 

Anyways, for those interested, here are my updates:

1. Left shoulder surgery, Oct. 30

2. Right hand MRI, Oct. 13.

Yes, you read that right folks. Another MRI, on my RIGHT hand. (I’m left-handed, but see above referenced surgery.) That means I’m up to 3 MRIs in the past month! Four in the past four months! Hmmm….

“Dr., how much radiation does it take before I should expect growths?”

HOwever, I would also like you to know that I feel okay to share now because I believe in these two incidents, God was telling me, “Uh, Kim, you were supposed to slow down.”

And I have, but I haven’t.

I’m thankful to be busy with editing work and my own writing adventures–because God sure has given me great writing material!

And on that note, any prayers are appreciated (donations not required), and keep trekkin’!

I plan to catch up on a lot of reading beside my new wood burning stove.

God bless!

PS. If you want further laughs, you can check out how I injured myself on my previous post (July 2014)…

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