The Joys of Launching Websites

I have used this picture on more than one post.

I love this picture…

On this day I am searching for the joys in launching web sites. Oh yes, they are sooo important in publishing, essential to success, and yet, sanity is also important to success in publishing. 

One positive, God has given me great writing material. 

I guess another positive is I’ve learned two new software programs–though still working out some of the glitches. I will say I understand the intimidation factor for new writers in beginning the process of blogging or setting up web sites. It’s a time commitment. But once you learn the software, it only gets easier.

So, on yesterday’s relaunch of, I hear the voices in my head screaming One more proofread! One more proofread! While my daughter shouts in the other ear, “You promised to take us swimming! You promised! You promised!” 

And after months of work, I was so close, so very close, and I hit that launch button with such a sense of satisfaction it’s hard to describe. And I take the girls swimming, and I text my intern with the news, and I check it out on my phone because it has a mobile app…

And immediately I spot errors and typos.

Keep in mind, if you launch a blog/web site, you will not be the first person to post with an error nor will you be the last. However, if you are marketing yourself as an editor, well…heavy sigh…

The odd thing was it looked like this page I had “hidden” was showing up. So that wasn’t good. Once I got back to my computer, I discovered that somehow this “hidden” page had been marked as my “home” page. Yeah. 

Anyways, that’s fixed, still working out glitches and adding in content, but the web site is launched with all new reviews and an author interview with Christa Kinde. And in the midst of the madness, I received this message from a friend, just a kind note to say I was thinking of you and read this today…

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him,
so that you may overflow with hope through the power of the Holy Spirit”
–Romans 15:13

Another God Moment. My friend, not knowing my situation or what I was working on, read this, and was prompted by the Holy Spirit to drop me a note with that Scripture.

And this is not the first time something like this has happened, which is one reason whenever someone just pops into my mind, I say a prayer for that person. Because it could be the Holy Spirit prompting me to encourage a fellow spirit in need. Wow. Thank you God.

And on that note, I say, “Have a blessed day!”

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