Broken bones and follow ups



Follow up on bones and more

While in the waiting room for the second MRI on my shoulder, I learn there is more to this particular procedure. This time includes an arthrogram before the 45 minute MRI, where they shoot dye into the joint. 

I get two novocaine shots. They inject the dye directly into my shoulder joint, and I am immediately flooded with such unbelievable burning pain I cry out “holy —-!” I immediately start crying because IT HURT!

The nurse says sorry, sorry, I didn’t give you enough, more is coming, it will feel better in just a moment.

I’m trying to keep cool, I say, “So now I understand why you need novocaine for this.”

The pain improved, but I had been startled and started shaking, and two images needed to be redone, lengthening my lovely, utterly snugly MRI.

I survived. I don’t have any witticisms to add except OUCH! And waaaahhhh! And, I want my mommy!

At least I’m being distracted by a good book, The Bone Season, by Samantha Shannon, which is a sci-fi based novel with nothing on broken bones except for clairvoyant a humans being beaten by their Rephaim keepers. Good book!

The Bone Season

The Bone Season

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