A Day in the Light


My latest Murphy’s Law Moment.

Reality is Stranger than Fiction

Me, Spill, and Murphy’s Law

Welcome to my new blog, which has been long in the making and much anticipated among certain circles who know that the nickname I earned in college applies to me still—spill. Not for reasons you may think (although, truth be told maybe sometimes), but it was uncanny! I would walk into a room and spill something. One recent example, one Friday during snack time at work, I met with my coworkers in our usual gathering, I walk to the snack table and promptly knock over a drink (or plate, I don’t remember…). Anyways, I bend over to pick it up, apologizing profusely, and while doing so, knock the snack table as I’m standing up, and topple another item which turned out to be a birthday gift one of my coworkers had just received right before I got into the room. And it broke. I piece of it did. She was very gracious and said don’t worry I can superglue it later, but like I said, Spill. 

I’ve said before that Murphy’s Law follows me around, and some people have been like, “Yeah, whatever.” But as time passed these skeptics have said, “Wow, crazy stuff really does happen to you!” In case you you’ve never heard of Murphy’s Law, it is simply this: “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.”

Today I will share my most recent event. On July 3, my family and I took a lovely walk around our neighborhood, when my oldest son invited me to try his new longboard (a bigger, easier version of the skateboard). I had longboarded before, but on this day I said, “I’m not so sure about this because of my shoulder.”

I’ve been nursing a six-week shoulder injury, for which I had finally seen my doctor two days prior, who asked, “Are you ready for your MRI?”

My son said, “You don’t use your shoulder while longboarding, Mom,” with two syllables on Mo-om and a scoffing little laugh.

“You do if you fall down,” I said. Still, I got on the board. And I did it! For about 20 seconds. Then the board magically flew out from under my feet, and in an instant I crashed down hard, hitting in this order: my right wrist, right elbow, then butt bone, which sent a wave of force upwards along my spine until it ended with a loud clack and my jaw snapped.  

As I lay on the ground assessing the damage, I thought to myself, That did not just happen. Followed  by, I’m such an idiot. By 5:30 I was home in a cast (half-cast covered by ace bandages).

The irony is, while I was in the ER getting my cast, my phone rang, and it was the nurse calling to preregister my left-shoulder MRI. I commented on the irony of the situation and asked if she might be able to call back.

I shared my ordeal with a new friend while we sat waiting for the Fourth of July fireworks. The last thing I said was, “Oh yes, did I mention the poison ivy under my cast?”

She was staring at me strangely, when I finished telling her, so I asked, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

She said, “These things just don’t happen to people.”

I said, “You’re not the first person to tell me that.”

I don’t know if I attract chaos from the universe, if I’m just accident prone, or I need more character development, but I invite you to follow along to hear some of the wild and strange things that take place in my household. (Believe me, truth is stranger than fiction!) 


Originally I had planned to call my blog “A Day in the Life,” but after a recent, Divinely Inspired conversation with a fellow writer, friend, and Man of God, I have decided to call my blog “A Day in the Light.” Because each day, no matter what life throws my way, I will seek to live in the light, and I will trust in the Lord to sustain me during times of darkness, including the dark spell I have experienced recently.

(Disclaimer: Giving your worries to God and actually letting go are two different things. I’m still learning this.)

I will speak of humor, chaos, joys and storms. You’ll find editing trivia, writing tips, quotes (I’m a quotes girl), reflections on the humorous side of life, and bits of wisdom. (Usually humorous advice I’ve picked up along the way—thank you Dr. Alice!)

And books! Did I mention books? I can talk books for hours. I have worked in the publishing industry in a variety of roles for nearly 25 years. As a child, I was at the library daily. I’ve worked as a bookseller, reviewer, writer, and editor. In addition to Zondervan and Girls’ Life, I have published more than two hundred articles and short stories in books and magazines. I also helped found a student-run newspaper while in college at Ohio Wesleyan University, a “rag” called The Righteous Times (think like The Onion). After college I worked as a reporter and newspaper advertising salesperson. I tried out different areas of the publishing industry, until I found my calling–children’s books.

Oh yes, I have also been a waitress, landscaper, real estate title searcher, movie theater check-in girl, ice cream scooper, ear-piercer, secretary, and Frontier Fruit and Nut girl. (I started working when I was fourteen.) But above all, I love writing, reviewing, and editing books for children. (Watch for the ChildressInk.com relaunch for more details, coming soon.)

Thanks for reading this writer’s musings.

I humbly ask you to follow or share my blog with every social network in the universe (shameless marketer–I follow back), and return to a Day in the Light for stories, encouragement, inspiration, a good laugh, or at the very least, a new book to check out.

May the Lord bless you and keep you. May He make His face shine upon you. All the days of your life. Kim

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